Setting up Geth, Mist & TestRPC - Part 1 - Getting Started with Smart Contracts & Blockchain

Once you have acquired yourself with basic knowledge of Blockchain, it’s time to move on towards actually using it. We are going to use Ethereum for understanding how to create and use Smart contracts. Like any environment, Ethereum also comes with its own tools. Mist and Geth are the two most important tools that you must be comfortable with. Let’s check them out.

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Getting Started with Smart Contracts & Blockchain - Part 0 Understanding Basics

There are really low chances that you haven’t heard about Bitcoin. There have been numerous stories of people getting higher returns after they invested in it. Then there are people talking about how Bitcoin is revolutionizing financial domain. Some even worship Bitcoin and want to throw away Banks and Governments :P

I always thought Bitcoin just as a cryptocurrency, but never realized the power of underlying technology: Blockchain. Bitcoin became famous for using Blockchain. It’s this Blockchain that makes Bitcoin decentralized, secure and immutable. So what is a blockchain? Let’s find out.

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Welcome to Farzi Coder

Farzi Coder is an attempt to share my thoughts and knowledge as I continue on my journey to learn to code and be a better coder. Knowing how to code and to actually code are two different things. I have believed so many times that I know a particular technology. But when I actually did it, I realize I knew nothing about it. Hence I can say, knowing something might not mean you can do it. But If you do, then you will know it for sure. Farzi Coder is such an attempt. To go out in the wild and try things. And share my experiences with the world with the hope that it might be helpful to others.

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