Welcome to Farzi Coder

Farzi Coder is an attempt to share my thoughts and knowledge as I continue on my journey to learn to code and be a better coder. Knowing how to code and to actually code are two different things. I have believed so many times that I know a particular technology. But when I actually did it, I realize I knew nothing about it. Hence I can say, knowing something might not mean you can do it. But If you do, then you will know it for sure. Farzi Coder is such an attempt. To go out in the wild and try things. And share my experiences with the world with the hope that it might be helpful to others.

Being a coder, the new and greatest technologies are always the attraction. Farzi Coder is also focused on trying out these new shiny toys and presenting the experience that can be used by other coders to learn them.

What Farzi means?

Farzi is a word from Urdu, mostly used in Indian subcontinent meaning Not Original or Fake.

Who Am I?

I am Suyash Mohan. I am a software engineer working in India. I started coding at the age of 14. My first programming language was Visual Basic. Currently I am working on Node.Js and Java.